Beginner’s luck

Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good…

Photo by Cody Hoeckelberg

Photo by Cody Hoeckelberg

Swung fly. Wild buck. Very shiny.

Full trip report at the Trout’s Fly Fishing blog early next week.

MG signing off (because I got what I came for, and the trip isn’t even half over yet)


Rachel Hillis says:

Hello to Gracie from the Hillis house! Imagine my surprise to be scrolling through Instagram and there’s our old friend Gracie with a monster fish. Hope you are well.

Go Bama! 😉

How are you, Jamie and the critters?

Good stuff MG. but the real trick will be convincing April to catch a carp!

She’s definitely got the skilz. But, can we get her to dress in head-to-toe digi-camo on a hot summer day? That is the $20 question.

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