When talk is not precisely that

My co-worker went to Montana, but all I got was this solitary photo…

Cody Hoeckelberg swinging flies on the Upper Gallatin

Cody Hoeckelberg swinging flies on the Upper Gallatin

Talk is usually cheap. It’s what you do that defines you.

MG signing off (because a picture is only worth a hundred words if you divide by ten)


Alex says:

A hundred words can be plenty, depending on the subject. Plus, all photos are not worth a thousand words… that is like the benchmark. I would say that all in all, if one were to add up every photo taken on a daily basis and average their worth you would come out to somewhere around .5 and 2.5 characters per image.

Brilliant genius you are. Maybe you should scribe The Elements of Style for the photography world. I’ll be your agent.

Alex says:

Love too… sounds like work, though.

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