Attention to details for Alaska West

You get busy. You write things. You reconnect with old people. You file extensions. You build stuff. You pass on the passable. You chase new opportunities. You make unexpected detours. You fight a few battles. You form some opinions. You meet new people. You rediscover interests. You read this and that. You conjure ideas. And then you miss things.

Like booking your flight for a much anticipated trip this summer to Alaska’s Kanektok River.

I wound up in that “missing” boat, but I’ve since disembarked.

Alaska West Intinerary

My old friend Tosh Brown is joining me. I will pass him a two-handed fly rod and beg the guide to teach him how to use it. Since I rely on pure luck.

Now all I need are flies. Lots of flies.

MG signing off (quite distracted by what lies ahead, but keeping his head down as best he can)


frank cada says:

Michael, thanks for the 2009 East Fork rod review. Looking at your blog I realize we have a lot in common, not age. I am a former techie from HP, worked on the design of the first PC HP9830. My wife is a retired financial planner and I do a bit of investing when I am not fly fishing, hiking, spending time with grand kids.
I did a 9 day DIY float trip on the Kenektok about 5 years ago. Kind of a bucket list thing and a blast. Caught Rainbow, Grayling, Dolly Varden, Silver Salmon, and one Chum all on a fly rod and many on mouse patterns.
Also I fish the N Platte a lot. It has been awesome this year. More that 20 fish over 20 inches.
I am originally from Montana and have been fishing the waters from there down to Colorado and Utah. I have been keeping daily fishing logs for about 40 years.
I got into 2 handed rods on the Rio Grande in Argentina. A guide showed me how to do it for the first time and corrected me as needed. It is a great way to cover the water in that type of river. I had borrowed a Spey Rod from a friend. He took it back the last couple days cause he was not catching enough fish but gave me the one that was not working, it worked for me. I bought a 12.5 ft Echo when I got back thinking that I could use it on the N Platte and Wind river, and even lakes. It has worked well for me this year using a 5 foot T11. I am still working on casting variations depending on conditions. I would love to be with you guys going after Kings. I hope your companion takes to 2 handed. It is a good option on the larger Rocky Mountain rivers. Running line, Skagit, T11. Fun.
I need to get my family web site going again. Prodigy finally died on me.
Have a good trip.

Thanks for the well wishes Frank. It is a much anticipated trip coming up.

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