Doing the Hoodlum (Photography) Hustle

James Snyder a.k.a. Suburban Carp Pimp is a dynamic human being. While his fly-fishing exploits (and various other adventures) are no longer portrayed to the world via the now defunct Primal Fly blog, there are good reasons. Foremost, he just couldn’t hang with yours truly without high holing every fishery we shared now has a wife and two excellent young boys, and matured in-kind. Further, while he enjoys hearty cuisine and is a well-organized party feast planner and host, he leaned too heavily on others to choose the vintages, properly season the fare, and conjure up the sauces. All while inquiring as to who might be willing to change some diapers.

Add to that, he likes to snap photos. Lots of photos. He has interviewed numerous physicians about the possibility of having a Nikon D300 surgically grafted to his hands.

Hoodlum Photography

Lighting test subject

For Mr. Snyder, taking up photography was like taking up Formula One racing; spend like there is no tomorrow hoping to find the edge, and then move exceedingly fast. He had his camera(s) in tow during a past angling outing, but the casual observer could tell the environment just didn’t suit him. And the space is extraordinarily crowded, to the chagrin of every person with the power to distribute industry “pro forms”. Wedding photography perhaps? The Snyders eloped.

“How about still lifes, like of food and drink. I like food and drink,” quizzed James.

“Not playing prep chef Snyder. And your boxed wine ain’t winning any medals,” I retorted.

James mulled his fine art future, and then chose wildlife as his subject. Only it’s not the kind you’ll find examples of running down prey on the African plains before being stuck in a zoo, but the type simply trying to pummel another into submission (or unconsciousness). Still however, in a cage.

Hoodlum Photography

James hustles, while Welterweight champ Thomas Denny wears his impatient face

The niche is mixed martial arts, both portrait and in the ring. Your informant has seen Mr. Snyder in action, and he can assure you all that the man is stirring up some very fine product. But don’t take his word for it – check out the work for yourself over at the newly formed Hoodlum Photography Facebook page.

MG signing off (because an old dog can learn new tricks)


For a street kid from the NJ/NYC area…I’ll always be pimpin in some fashion…You should take notes.

As for the High Holing…You left me with no choice. Forced to fish with a man with incessant “FritoLay” snacking binges I just couldn’t bring myself to fish at such an elderly pace. I wasn’t keeping fish count anyway…(Snyder 127/Gracie 5).

You bring the wine this weekend…and make sure its won plenty of awards. I’ll be sure you can stuff your face with bacony goodness, garlic and plenty of succulent shrimp.

Get those monster tiger prawns. No bacon – butter, cheapo white, scallions, and garlic.

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