Magnanimous Feast

A casual Sunday afternoon meal…

Magnanimous Feast

Realtime photography by James W. Snyder

Alton Brown-rubbed flank steak, garlic lamb, whiskey-infused sausages, fried pork bellies, grilled tiger prawns, sauteed shrooms and asparagus.  There is no starter, but spinach salad (with honey roasted almonds, dried pomegranates, pink salmon, feta, garlic croutons, and a splash of balsalmic/olive oil covers the entry-way.  Ritas make the perfect beverage match here.

MG signing off (because the table’s being set)


Smithhammer says:

Yer killin’ me, MG. Global man of mystery and and epicurean to boot? Why am I not surprised.

The recipe is simple…

Just show up, hand everyone at the party a bottle of bourbon, and start swinging from the chandelier.

Your audience will naturally presume you are the next Iron Chef.

Then again, you knew this. Since you taught me the trick.

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