Pulp Fly Volume Two Coming Soon to an Electronic Reading Device Near You

April 1st came and went, but no promised Pulp Fly Volume Two. However, the publishers have thrown on their silk smoking jackets, and are sipping scotch, editing stories, and forgetting to put the toilet seat down. In other words, making progress. No joke.


The lineup is as follows: Erin Block, Tosh Brown, Matt Dunn, Sarah Grigg, Chris Hunt, Alex Landeen, Pete McDonald, Tom Reed, Will Rice, Bruce Smithhammer, Matt Smythe, Bob White, and yours truly. It’s a superabundance of artistic genius – journalists, painters, marketers, photographers, editors, conservationists, guides, plus the token accountant to make sure everyone gets paid – the pièce de pastiche of fly angling’s storytelling.

Release announcement to follow.

MG signing off (because making it look easy doesn’t compensate for the fact that it is anything but)


[…] is the news according to producer/editor Michael Gracie, who we are blaming for the hold-up in the first […]

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