No-Plans Weekend

CALLER 1: “Got big plans for the weekend?”


CALLER 1: “Excellent! It’s actually kinda healthy to not have plans sometimes.”

I was left scratching my head. Then the phone rang again.

CALLER 2: “What are you doing?”

YOURS TRULY: “Absolutely nothing.”

CALLER 2: “Interesting. That’s not like you.”

YOURS TRULY: “Maybe I’ll do some reading.”

CALLER 2: “Two dollar rum and cokes at the Stadium.”

Debate rages across thy synapses.

YOURS TRULY: “I’m in. But maybe we should look for some carp or play nine first.”

CALLER 2: “Sounds like a no-plans weekend for you, so bring your clubs and your rods, and we’ll figure it out as we go.”

YOURS TRULY: “Be there in thirty.”

And that is how it went. Except for the carps, which would not eat. And remounting some tubeless MTB tires, which is almost as much of a pain in the ass as fly-fishing for carps.


MG signing off (who, based on recent experience, recommends not having a plan every once in a while)

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