Pulp Fly Volume Deux: About The Authors

Pulp FlyLong on style and substance and [now] short on liquor cabinet contents, the individual contributors for Pulp Fly Volume Two span the proverbial gamut, from philosopher/poets pursuing dreams in an unreasonable world to big game hunters out of a Caldecott Medal-winning childrens’ book turned screenplay.

Actually, that’s all marketing malarkey – they are just a pack of brilliant writers who share a common element, fly-fishing.

Proofs have been delivered and a few reviews are being conjured. Volume Two enters post-production a week from today, meaning sometime in the next twenty-four months the editors might get off the riveroff the golf course…off their asses and deliver the fine citizens of the world a product.

MG signing off (because a project is nearing completion, and it is guaranteed to be worth the wait)


Greg says:

Who’s “Eric” Block?

Typo, which was also in the proof. Thanks GF!

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