We interrupt the previous scheduled programming

Taking pictures of flies that will be swung with spey rods in some godforsaken remote part of Alaska and posting them on your blog?

“Poser alert!”

Well…hats to you, cubicle zombies, as you are correct. But I still might suggest finding an alternative profession. Meanwhile, I have an interim trip i.e. next weekend, and here are the two boxes I’m bringing for that…


To alleviate any hate….

Guess precisely where I am headed, and I will personally buy you a $25 gift certificate good for any purchase at Trout’s Fly Fishing. This “contest” has not been authorized by the owner of said fly shop, which means the entire prize is my on my dime. Meanwhile, since I won’t be able to fill the tank for a week after the debacle (I roll in a V8, like a good man should), I suggest you get very specific as to venue – I am, after all, the sole (and very partial judge) on the matter.

MG signing off (because I will likely catch a fish on almost all of the bugs, so I might as well give a little back)