A short, concise dictionary of spey fishing terms

Compliments of Miss April Vokey, one definition in particular stands out for yours truly…

Bloody L: A common Spey casting error in which the D-Loop fails to align the anchor parallel to the forward cast; the name derives from the typical layout of the line in an “L” shape on the water when this occurs. The result is a forward cast that lacks energy to roll over properly. This is typically caused by setting the anchor in an improper position prior to the sweep, or an incomplete or shortened sweep which fails to carry enough energy into the D-Loop.

Standing off to my left, April kept saying “another bloody el Michael”, to which I replied “piss off, will ya”. Then she slapped me on the back of the head, and visualization of the error is now permanently stamped in my noggin.

MG signing off (hoping to not see any bloody els during the upcoming week)

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