Behind the hoo-haa: Snake River edition

YOURS TRULY: No need to pack the beads, eh?

THE FARCEUR: What the heck are you doing even possessing beads?

YOURS TRULY: Well, they are useful in transition month tailwaters.

THE FARCEUR: Quit rattling that box – it’s giving me a headache.

Making the run from Wilson to South Park, behind the guides and their clients all giddyup’ed in waders and vests and waxed canvas hats wondering why they are sweating their butts off and blaming the manufacturers of their recently purchased kit. Picking off everything they missed, which in local parlance means almost every denizen of the deep anxious to pound #4 attractors with abandon reserved for spring openers. Seeing just one other drift boat, five hundred yards ahead. Carrying on between ourselves such that bystanders would think we were sworn enemies, until bellows of laughter filled the air.

snake river cutthroat

Fitz stole the show, then graciously opted to row.

Rolling behind the hoo-haa was an incomparable way to end a week already marked by big wins.

MG signing off (because the mission has only just begun)


Eric says:

Understanding Jokes of FARCEUR and Hoo-Ha doesn’t seem that hard to pick up but beads? I’ve never floated a western river or tailgater so, are beads not the thing?

The only reason I even carried the bead box 550 miles was to see the look on The Farceur’s mug when I pulled them out.

That said, beads are borderline dirty play, but effective, particularly in the fall and spring months on tailwaters. They are also much less harmful to the fish – you get the hook in the corner of the mouth almost every time, versus globugs/fuzzy eggs which often get caught below the gills or even down in the gullet.

Eric says:

I tailgate at NASCAR and fish tailwaters on a few Mid-Atlantic Eastern rivers. Thanks for nothing iOS spell checker and thanks MG for the tail watcher tips. I appreciate your blog posts and find them informative and witty.


If you ‘tailrated’ NASCAR and ‘tailwaited’ rivers, I’d still appreciate the commentary. Yes, iOS spellchecker is a pain in the butt.

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