Dirty Cheap Stand-Up Desk

Hereinafter dubbed the Model 15993 Stand-Up Desk, and pitched in the same catalog as the 957 Fly-Tying Vise and the 3437 Flyrod Racks.

Dirt Cheap Standup Desk

Available at the discounted price of $159.93. Laptop, french press and club bag not included.

After shopping around for such an instrument for a while, I was loathed to plunk down a grand or more for something designer only to wind up privately pissing and moaning about its deficiencies. Was also hankering for a project in the physical realm, knowing winter is right around the corner and as such will put a halt to related flights of fancy.

Surprisingly solid, fully adjustable for height, with ample workspace and minimal investment. Out-of-pocket cost was $159.93, plus two and a half hours of time, most of that spent navigating the zombie hoard which is IKEA patrons. Not an original idea, MG Hacks Incorporated will be paying royalties to Ms. Jessica Allen.

MG signing off (because he can’t sit still for more than a second anyway, so why not stand to begin with)

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