Lederhosen and Irish Setters

I ordered some Red Wing Irish Setter Boots on the recommendation of a friend. Wanting to break them in, I slapped them on (under a pair of thin ski boot socks) and returned to the desk. Later, said compadre texted me asking what I was up to. I responded as such…

Lederhosen and Irish Setters

“In my work boots”

I was immediately told to “put on some pants”. And then threatened with a Facebook post of said pic. I think Facebook is for those who need constant self-affirmation, like Jack Handey. Considering how seriously people embrace their social media personas, I tend to gravitate towards the precise opposite. In other words, giving less than a shit. Measurably less.

In fact, if you are female, between the ages of 25 and 40 – not less than 5′ 4″ or more than roughly 120 pounds – and own a high-capacity digital SLR…come on over with a bottle of Macallan 57 Year Old Lalique and a pink tutu. I would be more than happy to pose for you, Lederhosen and all. And you can post the pics across the interwebspheres to your heart’s desire.

MG signing off (because politicians take themselves way too seriously, so maybe I should run for Congress)


A noteworthy pre-emptive strike. But, at the end of day, you’re still wearing hunting boots with knee-high socks. Gonna take a whole bottle of McCallan to overlook that…

On the other hand, I guess your readership should be relieved that the photo is cropped as is.

1) the photo is not cropped. asshole.

2) can a guy try to get something other than tools with mountain-man burly beards into his place of business even if the reasoning is moderately surreptitious?

Haha…btw, I love that the banner ad above this post is for an online store called “Oktoberfest Haus.” The “Gretchen” costume seems like a steal at $42.99, given the contents.

Ads blocked from here in the interest of fair dealing, so I took to search. Indeed the Gretchen costume is a head-turner, lederhosen or not. I’m hereby revising the modeling offer – the photographer can skip the $25,000 bottle of scotch if they show in that getup.

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