Something Thoreau wrote on September 2, 1851

“We cannot write well or truly but what we write with gusto. The body, the senses, must conspire with the mind. Expression is the act of the whole man, that our speech may be vascular. The intellect is powerless to express through without the aid of the heart and the liver and of every member. Often I feel that my head stands out too dry, when it should be immersed. A writer, a man writing, is the scribe of all nature; he is the corn and the grass and the atmosphere writing. It is always essential that we love to do what we are doing, do it with a heart. The maturity of the mind, however, may perchance consist with a certain dryness.”

Good thing it is so easy to discern that which is written solely for a paycheck, and that which is penned with belief and conviction.

MG signing off (as what he was conveying can be distilled into four words: lame filler content sucks)

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