Still time to get a free jar of tasty organic peaches?

They didn't stand a chance

They didn’t stand a chance

A confession is in order…

See, one of Pulp Fly’s benefactors entrusted me with a fine jar of vanilla-infused peaches, carefully prepared, stored and aged by them. They said “give them away as a prize to one of your newsletter subscribers!” With the exclamation point too. I thought it a grand idea, and carried the peaches back to headquarters.

They sat on my desk for a few hours, then I secured them in a cupboard. Out of sight, out of mind.

The following day I decided to check on the jar, just to make sure the grand prize had not been stolen by some thief in the night. Relief washed over me, and I moved them to the counter, ostensibly so I could keep an eye on them intermittently as I passed by.

You know how the story ends, don’t you? Yes, within fifteen minutes the cache was opened, justification innocently enough to check on the quality of the contents. By dinnertime they were gone. I was so satiated I went to sleep and dreamed about catching chrome steelhead from the DSP and lassoing wayward unicorns with one-weight lines ashamed.

Thankfully, Abel Automatics was kind enough to bail me out. And offered up a new Abel Super Series 5N reel for one lucky winner of the Pulp Fly Fall Newsletter Signup Abel Super Series 5N Fly Reel Giveaway. Now that was a mouthful.

Abel Super Series 5N

I know it’s a consolation prize, but I figure it’s a darn good one. So signup for the newsletter, and get spammed to death? Definitely not, but a beautiful new Abel reel is a possibility! Exclamation point included.

MG signing off (because admitting you screwed up is the first step to getting someone else some cool free stuff)

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