When you have everything dialed, throw them for another loop

There is the non-existent planning you publicly tout, and that which is in place but seems like random chance. The former is predictable, and messy once you attract a semblance of due diligence. The latter, if done correctly, should keep everyone on their toes.

I adore the ballet, graceful and yet blunt in its presentation…

I’m pretty damn excited to be a part of this project. It’s a perfect example of how small, independent publishers with vision and moxie are identifying and exploiting important niches that big, ponderous, arrogant, floundering, clueless corporate media companies are simply too slow, too myopic, too stupid, too timid, too conventional and above all too least-common-denominator to even understand or recognize, much less try to explore themselves.

Understood, according to Mouthful of Feathers: Upland in the West contributor Chad Love. Exactly what is needed to set oneself apart; corporate-ized group-think mentality may provide the illusion of success in the short run, but in the marathon you will collapse under the weight of your title, your department, your over-organization.

MG signing off (because faking it until you make it is all too obvious in our over-connected world)

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