Dialog: When The Figurative Hits A Brick Wall Edition

It was just a simple test…

YOURS TRULY: Check this link and see if you can download the file: http://xx.xxxxx.com/xxxxx/xxxxx.txt. It is in an Amazon S3 Bucket.

[five minutes later]

THE LITERAL: I can open the txt file online, but can’t seem to download it.

YOURS TRULY: It won’t actually “download” because it is a text file. But as long as you can see it that means the bucket is working.

THE LITERAL: Right, but you asked me to see if I could download it. Friggin’ techies…

YOURS TRULY: You did download it, into your browser. Friggin’ luddites…

THE LITERAL: That’s crazy talk.

YOURS TRULY: I am blogging this.


MG signing off (to be productive now that I’m amused)

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