Mini Book Review: The Dog Stars by Peter Heller

The Dog StarsThe Dog Stars was sold to me as an apocalyptic storyline set in the Rocky Mountain West. I read the reviews, found plenty of previous readers who over-analyzed the opening hook, the character development, the plot, AND the conclusion. I figure that anything people are willing to use time getting worked up over must be worthy. So I clicked the “buy” button and was in consumption mode minutes later.

The Dog Stars takes place primarily in post-pandemic Colorado, and the story should appeal to the outdoorsy type, whether into hunting or fly-fishing, those intrigued by the idea of flying, and even female ranch hands. The inner monologue of the main character, a once everyday guy that goes by the name Hig, makes up the majority of the novel. Some may find the style burdensome – I thought it quite entertaining, particularly as Hig ponders the plight that faces him daily while catching carp with pheasant tails. In water I know is presently inhabited by nothing but trout.

Nice to know that someone can still construct a story that intricately includes outdoor sports, but leaves out the over-baked “we slayed some creatures and then cracked open a Bud” byline. Thanks for the work Mr. Heller.

MG signing off (because it isn’t quite a fly-fishing story, and I liked it even more because)

Editor’s note: While the male half of the population supposedly doesn’t read because women run most publishing houses – though not all publishing houses – men who don’t mind sleeping in the dirt will almost definitely enjoy this novel.


Larry M. says:

I’ve had this recommended a few times, definitely need to pick it up. Cheers

Well worth the time and money LM. Also appreciate your recent “Requiem…”.

Tosh says:

I can only hope that I’ll one day have the opportunity to fly recon loops around my boundary and snipe poachers from atop a rickety tower.

I can only hope to fly right seat, and man the spotting scope, on your behalf.

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