Miss April Vokey: The Consummate Entertainer

She may say she’s made the grade because she rebuffed the “Barbie Doll in Waders” label, or that she simply loves it more than anyone she knows…

But I believe that’s all a pile of made-for-television spin. Having spent some time fishing with the gal, I think Miss April rises above the froth because she’s the consummate entertainer. A true professional, and yet never a dull moment, from the time you step into the truck until the point you pour the first drink (she prefers Jack Daniels by the way), pure unadulterated fun. Throw deadly skills into the mix (which she has), and you get one of the best fishing experiences you can fathom.

Guides far and wide could learn a thing or two from this lady by watching the 60 Minutes Sports expose airing tonight on Showtime. I don’t even own a television, but I already know the story.

Or maybe I’m just pissed she’s going to be booked for forever and a day now, and I won’t ever again get to hear her say “Hey Gracie, want another quesadilla?”

April Vokey Cooking

MG signing off (because attitude is just about everything, and April’s is simply angelic beyond compare)

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