Pulp Fly Volume Tres: The Authors

We ran out of liquor long ago, but the group of contributors to the upcoming Pulp Fly: Volume Three is already intoxicating enough. Distinguished novelists, television personalities, and many that will probably be both before too long, the last of the submissions are flowing in just in time for Mr. Winter to ice everything over.

Pulp Fly: Volume Three is scheduled for release around the time the holiday season commences.

Pulp Fly Volume Three

Erin Block

Alex Landeen

Pete McDonald

Miles Nolte

Tom Reed

Tom Sadler

Bruce Smithhammer

April Vokey

Bob White

Steve Zakur

Jay Zimmerman

But even then, we’re not done. Pulp Fly’s first foray into upland bird hunting literature (yes, literature) is scheduled for release soon after Volume Three. Mouthful of Feathers: Upland in the West is full of fine writers that love shooting and eating birds, plus one complete neophyte who squeaked in on his cooking skills

Mouthful of Feathers Upland in the West

Reid Bryant

Tosh Brown

Chad Love

Tom Reed

Michael Gracie

Greg McReynolds

Bob White

Bruce Smithhammer


See, we’re working doubly hard. So please send rumOld Crow…select barrel single-malt – we already have the egg nog.

MG signing off (because it’s not just a job, it’s an adventure)

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