Scott T3h Two-Handed Fly Rods, in pictures

Introduced to them nearly eighteen months ago, I now find myself using Scott T3h two-handed fly rods almost exclusively – not to discount the groundbreaking, magnificent Scott Radian, but on my last fishing excursion I packed nothing but. I’m still learning how to employ the rods properly, but expect competency to be achieved long before I become food for worms. In the meantime I’m having mucho fun with them.

Scott T3h Fly Rods

The Quiver

Despite my present gross ineptitude point on the learning curve with these works of art, James Snyder of Hoodlum Photography asked to grab some pictures of the rods. I agreed to providing the product – he acquiesced there would be no action shots involved (he’d previously captured some already). Hence, said photos turned out very nice.

You can find the gallery here.

MG signing off (no need to ask why I own a fourteen foot nine weight, because I’m not talking…yet)

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