Thanksgiving calls for cheap whiskey

Old Crow ReserveSome say it’s all about the bird. Not one for modesty, I declare I’ve perfected the turkey, and have a mashed potato concoction that blows socks off too. Never been much for dressing, and sadly never got a handle on the drink, thinking wine and beer somewhat passé for such a special occasion and a leading cause of naptime before the pumpkin pie is served…travesty! Thankfully someone is covering the problem.

Check out Deadspin’s list of cheap bourbons. All under $15.

That is all.

MG signing off (to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving)


Erin Block says:

Cheers, sir.

Cornish game hen at the lil’ cabin?

Erin Block says:

Turkey! My dad needs tradition and gravy. And then we’ll be hitting the nog.

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