Who are you, and how old are you, really?

A Myers-Briggs test was foisted on me early in my career – I figured my employer was looking for an excuse to get rid of me. Unfortunately for them, I wound up categorized as an introverted feeling type – precisely what was wanted in a big accounting firm, mindless contentiousness. Of course I gamed my answers, and the circus continues to this day. That organization, however, went spiraling down the rabbit hole after its most conservative division, the one that employed all the supposed financial geeks who marched to the company drummer, threw an orgy with some sketchy client files and an industrial paper shredder. And they called us bankruptcy and reorganization folks the cowboys.

Moral of this story? Avoid the self-deceit by figuring out your Jungian functional preference ordering via a simple online test. In the comfort of your own home, with no risk of establishment backlash. Or visa versa.

Meanwhile, the body cannot live without the mind, and visa versa. So in the course of contemplating the interrelation between your cognitive functions, you might also determine out how old you are. Or at least how old your body is in dog years. Use the Norwegian University of Science and Technology’s Fitness Calculator to find out.

MG signing off (as it may not be “really” but it’s still better than palmistry and an overzealous fitness instructor)

Editor’s note: The author is still occasionally referred to as a “cowboy”, much to his amusement.

UPDATE 12/3: Once you’ve received M-B’s “four letters”, Colin Nissan provides the path for being truly self-aware (possibly NSFW, but fun).

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