No contest between indie booksellers and Amazon

From Publisher’s Weekly, the dispute over Kindle DRM ends quickly:

Federal Judge Jed Rakoff has dismissed a lawsuit filed by independent booksellers against Amazon and the big six publishers that alleged a murky conspiracy to restrain trade via Amazon’s use of proprietary DRM in its Kindle e-reading platform. In his 18-page decision tossing the suit, Rakoff found that the booksellers’ core claim—that the publishers had engaged in a conspiracy with Amazon to keep rivals from selling e-books on the Kindle—had no supporting evidence, and no plausible motive.

The bottom line here … publishers choose whether to add digital rights management to their books, for sale via Amazon and most other venues. Further, plenty of tools exist enabling eBook buyers to manage their purchases across almost all reading reading devices that exist today. Nothing against the plaintiffs – I am a fan of independent booksellers – but they missed the boat here. And the judge didn’t.

MG signing off (to do some reading on multiple platforms)

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