Pulp Fly: Volume Three now available

Pulp Fly Volume ThreeIf fish didn’t have gills, they would probably inherit the Earth. Not to say they are meek. If you ever hook a marlin on a fly rod you get to watch your backing disappear faster that a Pronghorn, and hopefully before the reel spool seizes against the drag from the residual heat. Timid they are not.

Pulp Fly Volume Three is kind of like a marlin. More than unabashed. Borderline unchaste. But never profligate.

Three cheers to Erin Block, Alex Landeen, Pete McDonald, Miles Nolte, Tom Sadler, Bruce Smithhammer, Tom Reed, April Vokey, Bob White, Steve Zakur, and Jay Zimmerman. Because without them you’d need a gaff, and a happy marlin reader is one that gets to swim freely in the water words post-hookup.

You can catch Pulp Fly: Volume Three by checking the Pulp Fly Purchase page. And you don’t even have to release it.

MG signing off (as I already know the marlin analogy was a bit over the top)

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