Something Thoreau wrote on December 27, 1859

“All the community may scream because one man is born who will not do as it does, who will not conform because conformity to him is dread – he is so constituted. They know nothing about his case; they are fools with they presume to advise him. The man of genius knows what he is aiming at; nobody else knows. And he alone knows when something comes between him and his object. In the course of generations, however, men will excuse you for not doing as they do, if you will bring enough to pass in your own way.”

In other words, you could receive a pass as long as you brought something to the table. But what happens when the body politic starts jockeying for scraps?

MG signing off (because you can take the road less traveled, or build an entirely new one along with a tollbooth)


Eric English says:

Thought provoking…

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