Suggestion for improving food warning labels

BaconNathan “Doctor Bacon” Taylor waxes eloquently about his recent foray into pork belly incubation.

But that’s not the real story here.

The Food and Drug Administration requires nutrition fact information on all foods, and in most cases those labels also include pointers on proper preparation of said consumables. Considering the evening news almost always includes some tidbit about a group of citizens falling ill due to supposed manufacturer error, might I suggest the FDA begin taking their cues from Master Taylor:

… otherwise you’ll get some nasty bacteria and it will make you sick/kill you.

Now that will get consumers’ attention.

MG signing off (feeling extremely safe while dining at the Taylors’)


Nate says:

I’m all about simplifying government bureaucracy.

Wyatt says:

For some reason I thought this was gonna be about ROD WARRANTY labels. Maybe the FDA can way in on that topic.

Indeed. Because we all know government is adept at providing solutions to problems that don’t actually exist.

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