Syncing iOS 7 Calendar and Contacts with Mavericks and OS X Server



Artie B says:

Hey Michael

Thanks for laying all this out. It seems very doable and in the end, for the price of a decent bottle of wine, I’ll add back critical functionality whose demise was tactically omitted from Apple’s loud proclamations to “Go Get It” (the free Mavericks update … as you say, “if it’s free…”).

One thing, your recipe above is clear enough, but after that, ummm – how does one actually use it? (sorry for the dumb question, I’ve never ran server software like this before).

Say between an iMac and iPad, this is via wifi I assume. So I turn on the iMac’s wifi, create a local wifi network, connect the iPad to the iMac’s network and … the syncing happens automatically? Are there preferences to set in Sharing?

Is the syncing passive soon as the two devices are on the same wifi network, or is some action necessary to provoke a sync?

Or maybe it’s something completely different?

I assume this is valid for the current 3.0.2 version of OS X Server on the App store.

Thanks for the help!


Yes, use is somewhat passive – all you have to make sure to do is stick the new calendar or contact item in the WebDAV account (instead of the local machine or device account).

As for networking, this tutorial assumes both devices are on the same network i.e. that your iMac wireless is already on and connected to a network. Not sure how a peer-to-peer connection would work, hence you will have to tinker. Reporting back the results would be much appreciated!

Artie B says:

Well, this is a home application, so instead of a peer-to-peer connection, there’s the option of both iMac and iPad devices being connected to the internet modem/router. Think that’s a valid option for supplying a network over which the syncing can take place?

All devices connected to a router … yep. That is how most I know are configured, network-wise, including myself.

Susan G says:

Hi – thanks for your info/help! I’m close….but not syncing yet… you said:
all you have to make sure to do is stick the new calendar or contact item in the WebDAV account (instead of the local machine or device account).
…perhaps that’s the bit I’m missing… Can you clarify this?
Also – when creating the CalDAV account on phone, following clicking ‘next’, “Reminders” defaults to “ON”, but what should “Calendars” be set to? When turning it to “ON”, it asks ‘what would you like to do with existing local calendars on your iPhone’…. I just don’t want to lose any calendar data (!).
MANY MANY thanks, again.

Save those existing calendar items – you’ll be fine.

Susan G says:

Hi again –
syncing seems to be functioning, however, is it the case that *only* events in the user@localhost calendar are actually synched? Is there a way to either sync the ‘on my mac’ calendars, or put these calendars into the ‘localhost’ account?, i.e. ability to continue to add differently-colored events on computer and have them appear as such on phone. THANKS!

That is correct – only those items are sync-ed. The “On My Mac” won’t push – you’d have to copy them to the localhost account. As for multiple items, you could try setting up multiple accounts to sync, but you may find the clutter more of a hassle.

Susan G says:

Thanks again. I attempted the multiple account option, but it seemed, as you said, it would be messy quickly… I did end up doing this within Calendar app: File->New Calendar->UserName@localhost — created calendar categories I use, and now will generate new events to these categories. Works well. I explore (but it’s an imperfect process), exporting ‘on my mac’ calendars, and reimporting into the newly-generated ‘localhost-calendars’…. However, ‘repeating events’ didn’t always repeat, etc. Oh well – at least I’m not syncing on iCloud =)

Christine GCH says:

About editing the Apache Server Software… how do I bring up the line of code you are telling us to edit? I can get in and type, but I don’t know (or remember) how to call up the line of code to edit. Was Y2K really that long ago?

You don’t really need to edit anything with Apache – those notes were just an aside for those doing web development on their machine – but if the host file is giving you issues the best bet is to …

1) Navigate to the directory via Finder
2) Change the permissions on the hosts file and the /etc directory so the host file is editable
3) Make the host file mods
4) Change the permissions back

Hope that helps.

Christine GCH says:

zoot alors. So I spent the better part of an hour last night on an aside?

so far I have completed – acquired al three “ownCloud Server, ownCloud desktop and ownCloud iOS app.

When I click on ownCloud it asks for my server address. Since I did not successfully complete the Apache edits, what address am I typing in for the Server Address?

Ah … this tutorial is for OS X Server – not the Owncloud edition (

Ok. So if you can’t get Apache started because Terminal won’t accept commands, check this:

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