Will the Mozilla Gay Marriage Mayhem really matter when the history books are written?

If you’ve been “too busy” Pinterest-ing (or just hiding under a rock), a $1,000 donation to an anti-gay marriage proposition, made six years ago, resulted in the ouster of Mozilla’s newly appointed CEO Brendan Eich.

It’s been said the whole kerfuffle represents a violation of liberal values
and that Brendan Eich was already a bad CEO. Notwithstanding the fact the guy probably hadn’t even chosen his office chair yet.

The scathing commentary continues, because while it seems this particular fight is over what still remains is determination of how the history is written. Will having a CEO that is a gay marriage proponent really matter to Mozilla a few years from now?

browser usage statistics

Browser market share – data from W3Schools

Or maybe the better question is … will Mozilla even exist a few years from now?

MG signing off (because if you don’t stop your screaming and take a look around, you might miss something)

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