Birth of an Alaskan Guide Service

When Collin Papuga was three he caught his first fish, a 2,000 pound great white200 pound tarpon … 2 ounce bluegill. Nevertheless [drumroll before fishing idiom, please] he was hooked!

What’s the kid do next? What any smart fella would: study hard, kiss his parent’s behinds for allowance hikes, and spend all spare time fishing like there was no tomorrow.

Only there was, and now there is a new float fishing operation to show for it. Introducing Tightlines Alaska, now servicing the middle and upper Kenai River …

Tightlines Alaska

Before hanging out the sign, Master Angler/Oarsman Papuga needed content development, content and contact management, and lead generation/sales tracking infrastructure for his new business, available anytime and anywhere. So he called on Sigmund FreudBill GatesLeonardo DaVinci … yours truly (as if you had to guess).

Now rocking and rolling (and rowing). So book Collin at will.

MG signing off (because execution is everything, again)

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