Supplemental wading traction

The kicks arrived and the contemplation began. How to make them just a bit stickier, but without raising the primary traction clear off the pavement. On flat rocks they’d perform like ice skates otherwise. Then it dawned that there’s a hardware store right around the corner.

cheap cleats

Ratchet not included

The fact is, softer is actually better. It bites, or rather, gets bitten. And regardless of how tough the Rockwell Brothers say it is, it WILL require replacement after a few outings. Ninety-eight cents a foot sealed the deal.

MG signing off (because marketing effectiveness and the gullibility of the target are perfectly correlated)


Todd Decker says:

For an extra dollar, use stainless steel screws. I actually learned this trick 30-years ago in Vermont. Just to get around their iced up driveways and sidewalks, everyone added a dozen screws to their brand new Sorrels every winter

Noted. Thanks!

Works really well on grass too.

Nate says:

Good tip. Love useful information from people with real world experience.

Solid for sure, but it can be topped …

If you are keen on catching carp out of putrid retention ponds that have all kinds of green and red scum swirling on the surface, and are arrived at after marching through eighteen inch deep muck, be sure to leave all your gear in an easily accessible location thereafter. That way, someone else will get irritated and take care of the mess for you.

But … clean yourself thoroughly immediately upon arriving home, and in particular rinse your eyes and face numerous times if said carps were big and prone to splashing about as you are trying to tail them.

Am I one smart f**ker or what?

Tom says:

Have you had a chance to put these to use? How have you found them to perform? Thinking of the same mod. on mine.

They work very well, particularly when walking on grass (where felt can otherwise be like ice skates). A bit more of a “target finder” in the water, as felt is already pretty solid on its own – you step, feel a little bite, and just know you’re foot’s in the right place. Little wear in the screws so far too.

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