Tech Blogger Tries To Cancel Comcast Service, Blatant Idiocy Ensues

Learned from the once useful site of technology information formerly known as TechCrunch comes this doosie about an AOL product manager attempting to cancel his Comcast service. Some ten minutes into the conversation, purportedly where the guy’s wife has become fed up with the process, the white knight heeds his maiden’s call to handle it

For those without time to frivolously burn, I suggest skipping the audio. It is with little doubt one of the more futile examples of passive-aggressive pantywaist puke I have heard in a long, long time. That is, unless it is all a fraud, which is not unlikely considering how blatantly idiotic it sounds.

Instead, just follow this script if you want your Comcast service cancelled with the utmost efficiency …

YOU: Hi. I would like to cancel my Comcast television and internet service, thanks.

COMCAST REP: Well, may I ask why you, a longstanding, loyal Comcast customer is leaving us?

YOU: Sure. We are moving.

COMCAST REP: That shouldn’t be a problem. We are the number one cable tv and internet provider and can easily just switch your service to your new address!

YOU: Does Comcast provide service in Tanzania?


YOU: Ok, it’s settled then. You can shut off the service today. Thanks!

Problem solved.

MG signing off (because approval-seeking behaviour is the bane of 21st century existence)

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