Nixing NextGEN Gallery

For the longest time I used the NextGEN Gallery plugin on this site. It was convenient for displaying photos, particularly in fancy formats, but was certainly more than this [very] non-photographer needed.

Then Photocrati took over the plugin from original developer Alex Rabe, and it became even more feature rich. I stood fast, despite the introduction of NextGEN Pro – a sign the plugin could get some quietly introduced handicaps down the road – as well as gallery presentation features in WordPress core. Add laziness too; I didn’t want to move all those photos, many of which had been embedded in posts.

Fast forward: a colleague started experiencing random (and devastating) performance issues with their WordPress install, and in the course of assisting with the fix I gained a deeper understanding of WordPress resource use. And what part NextGEN Gallery plays in it. Call it need for speed – I canned the plugin not 48 hours later.

Yes, moving those photos, reorganizing some simple galleries, and modding hundreds of posts was a pain in the ass. And while some scripts have been developed to assist with the process, I went the manual route. Royal pain. But resource use on the hosting platform dropped noticeably thereafter, and I am hence recommending taking the plunge.

With a glass of whiskey by your side throughout the process, of course.

MG signing off (because overkill sometimes does just that)

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