Thank You Delta Airlines

kindle-deltaYours truly got distracted during a recent flight, and left his Kindle full of fly-fishing how-tostechnical papers on particle physics … Dr. Seuss sitting in the seat as he rushed to catch his connection moseyed to the bar with said distraction.

Upon reaching my final destination, I jumped online and deactivated the device, then called Amazon to report the loss. [Side note: Amazon actually has people who answer the phone for such issues … awesome] Then I filled out a Delta Airlines lost and found report.

Later that evening a Delta representative called: “We might have found something of yours, and just need to ask you a few questions about this thing.” I answered in-kind, and a few days later the thing was sitting in a Fedex package, on my doorstep.

MG signing off (to say nice work Delta, then get back to being distracted)

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