Bobberless Anniversary

strikeindicatorsNovember 10th came and went, and in the process of dousing trip plans due to sub-zero temperatures I realized I’d missed an anniversary of sorts. The date, one year past, was the last day I rigged an indicator.

I’d never touched one of those little plastic globes before arriving in the Higher State, but it would be hypocritical to suggest reaching some level of enlightenment prior to or as a result of tossing them aside. There was no swearing them off, cursing them proper, or any other such nonsense; we’ve had some very fine days together, now permanently deposited in the memory bank.

Further, there’ll be no waxing the merits of traditionalism, nor some banal pronouncement of environmental benefit. Truth be told, I just got bored watching a bobber drift by, indeed lost interest in the concept altogether.

MG signing off (to catch fewer fish I suppose, but to have less fun I do not)


Eric English says:

How did you ever manage without them? Have you adopted the Euro-techniques, are high sticking or using a dry dropper rig?

I threw dry flies and swung flies, all year. Only tied a nymph on one time, and that was because a buddy begged me to add a dropper; I missed the very next hook set, the dropper snagged the fish in the belly, and I immediately cut it off. Frankly, I think droppers aren’t particularly effective anyway – besides that type of oops, they also inhibit fly action on the surface and handicap you when kissing banks.

But as the story comes to pass, I learned how to nymph on an East Coast tailwater, just high-sticking single fly rigs. And I know a few people out here who do just that, quite successfully.

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