The truck is highly dependable. That fly rod casts smooth as butter. Those boots can be worn all day. That 1911 is not off-the-shelf. Those wool sweaters are warm. All Craftsman hand tools.

Charles Hugh-Smith poses the question

Being freed from being owned is a form of liberation with many manifestations.

The frenzied acquisition of more stuff is supposed to be an unalloyed good: good for “growth,” good for the consumer who presumably benefits from more stuff and good for governments collecting taxes on the purchase of all the stuff.

But the frenzy to acquire more stuff raises a question: do we own our stuff, or does our stuff own us?

MG signing off (to look for a shop that sells time)


Eric English says:

Get over it! Book a destination fishing trip and your anti-materialistic sentiments will evaporate faster than you can type ebay.com! (Love that irreverent Zero Hedge).

Get over what? Someone’s selling fishing trips on eBay?

Eric English says:

Get over thinking about getting rid or gear or not buying more; that philosophy isn’t compatible with most of the fly fishers I know -though there has got to be a fringe element to every group… I often look on eBay for fishing equipment prices before I support my local “small business” local fly shop to keep them honest. I wonder what the going rate for slightly used fishing trips can be?

Picked up three new sticks this year thanks, although I did give one away to a friend. Sad part is the recipient broke it the first time out, and it hence became a trash bin deposit.

Keep me informed on those eBay trip offers, as I like buying that kind of time.

Nevermind … I’d rather not fit in.

Sadie says:


Surely better than fighting over a widescreen TV that’ll be obsolete in a week.

Eric English says:

Clarke Fork fishing trip on eBay:
And if salt is your thing: http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=110974829746
On the later, you are paying $100 as a deposit on a guided trip in Ft. Myers, FL; the final price is not listed! Sounds fishy to me.

How often do you have your gunsmith tune your 1911? My Glock had one trigger job 4 years ago… 😉

Unless it involves filing or drilling, I do my own work.

Teas says:

As Google delves further and uninvited into the corners of my already consumer-driven brain I wonder…does the sidebar ad here featuring ammo from MidwayUSA mean I have too much or need more? I suppose this hinges on the eventual arrival of chaos and/or zombies. Or maybe I just visit MidwayUSA too often. Or maybe I just can’t stop buying stuff.

Either way,
Teas (signing off to go buy 5K more rounds of 9mm)

P.S. Regarding gunsmithing; Here, here MG. If you can’t do it yourself, you probably can’t fully appreciate the result.

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