60 Degrees of Separation

The funny thing about the ultimate head game golf is you will never admit the source of failure lies within. And if you are even an alternate on Team Thick Wallet you will occasionally infer always claim your equipment is the impetus for your woe.

OIL PATCH: Dang, usually your short game is spot on.

YOURS TRULY: Yea every shot is running off. I think I need a lob wedge, maybe a sixty-degree.

OIL PATCH: No you don’t, you just need to practice. You know, like you did with the driver. Look how you’re splitting fairways now.

YOURS TRULY: Maybe you’re right.

Two hours and a half-dozen flubbed pitches later …

YOURS TRULY: Jeezus your short play was otherworldly today. Mine blew.

OIL PATCH: Practice makes perfect!

YOURS TRULY: You must have picked up eight strokes on me just around the greens. What’s that club you were using?

OIL PATCH: Dunno … but clubs don’t make the man.

YOURS TRULY: No seriously, what’s the loft on that magic wedge of yours?

OIL PATCH: [SMIRKING] … 60 degrees.


sixty degree wedge

Spiteful Purchase … meet Señor Golf Bag

MG signing off (assured that spending is the key to victory, bar tab notwithstanding)

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