Learn To Code. For Free.

Learn To Code is both a meme directed at those complaining about their underemployment, and a semblance of wisdom. The world is increasingly digitized, and unless you’ve got GeekSquad on retainer you might want to know how to solve miscellaneous computing problems yourself.

Coding isn’t just for nerds, but it can be intimidating getting started. There are a plethora of languages, and even more places they can be applied. Syntax differences are just as voluminous, as are the tools for writing it. The hows and wheres of geting started create deer in headlights.

One language, however, took to preventing horns impaled on bumpers early on, Python. Nearly plain-english in style, and without the myriad of declarations and punctuation inherent in other languages, if you can grasp simple mathematics (2+2=4, 10-6=4, 2*2=4, 10/2-1=4) and basic logic (if this, then this, else this), you can be writing basic Python scripts inside of a few hours. There are a ton of online courses that can get you to that point, but most assume you have the tools in-hand. For most people, a tool in hand means a phone.

OneMonth’s Python for Beginners takes a different tact. It starts with gathering, installing and utilizing code kit, then leans you into basic scripting of lists, mathematics and output functions. It’s a great way to get started, and best of all it’s free.

MG signing off (because there are no excuses left)

Editor’s Note: The editor uses Python as a calculator, parsing data off public websites, and finding needles in haystacks of financial information i.e. errors, whether accidental (incompetence) or purposeful (fraud). A little more practice and he might be able to get it to do the dishes and catch trout.

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