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Tying with David: Luna’s Titanic

David Luna has struck again. First he went “dirty bird” with the Cheap Hooker, and now he’s taking MG to task with something (God forbid) that floats on the surface. Call it a dry fly if you like, but it is still chunky meat as far as the author is concerned. Mr. Luna got fed […]

Tying with David: Luna’s Cheap Hooker

When David “Butters” Luna isn’t hanging with his lovely wife Alex and his cool kid Diego, he’s catching monster grass carp on the fly. Everyone who’s anyone knows this. But what hardly anyone knows is that Mr. Luna is a crafty fly tyer too. Maybe one of the finest around. David found out I was […]

The Lineup

Introducing the pairings for the 2011 South Platte Pro-Am Carp Slam (am – pro): Will Rice – Tyler Kendrick Trevor Tanner – Clint Packo Tim Romano – Kurt Olesek Nathan Davis – Luke Bever Jon Emert – Gifford Maythem Nate Taylor – Tim Marek Phil Beranato – Theo Anset Josh Fiester – Scott Wells Aaron […]

Mass quantities of precious Free Range Dubbing pilfered from central California vault

There is no other way to explain the package I just retrieved from the mailbox, particularly given the fact it is common knowledge I mingle with the criminal element. But having admitted as much, there is probably no use in sending it back to the rightful owner, one Keith Barton of Singlebarbed fame, as he’s […]

Old School Meets New School: The Urban South Platte Will Never Be the Same

La Carpe Cyprinus carpio, the common carp, is at once a revered conventional tackle sport fish for Europeans, the largest aquaculture species in the world, and considered a pseudo-menace that negatively impacts many waterways they are otherwise introduced to. In Denver, however, the carp has quickly become many fly anglers’ target numero uno, pushing trout, […]

Get them started fishing. The younger the better.

I’m not sure whether it was the lack of video game consoles, the un-structured playtime (i.e. playdate what?) or the fact that Al Gore hadn’t yet taken the initiative in creating the internet, but when I was young we spent most of our free time outside. Fishing was very, very high on the list of […]

Turning brownliners into Blue

Dodging turds in water you must first check with a geiger counter is more than any fly fisher should be forced to endure. Let’s face the facts – urban water is putrid, ugly stuff, and a fly fisher cannot reconnect with Mother Nature when they are deciphering graffiti and snagging submerged retreads. As a man […]

Memorial Day: Team Trout’s works the skinny

First and foremost, today is Memorial Day. So let’s thank US warfighters past and present for their efforts to secure the freedoms we all enjoy. Like fly-fishing for carp. Second, Team Trout’s isn’t an official moniker, and in this case it wasn’t the entire staff of Trout’s fly shop either. Nevertheless, business was good. Lastly, […]

I’m betting largemouth bass will eat just about anything

Fly Master David “Butters” Luna took one look at it and said… Damn that’s good. You are years ahead of [NAME REDACTED] when it comes to spinning deer hair Gracie! Still, I thought it pretty ugly, and on closer inspection (via photo and flash) I noticed the body is not packed nearly as tight as […]