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Review of the Orvis Zero G 906-4 Tip-Flex 10.5 (Part II)

I whipped this rod around for ten hours straight, just like I said I would. I’m anxious to describe how I feel about its performance, but I think a little primer is due first… Roughly ten years ago, one of my fanatical fly fishing friends booked a trip to the Bahamas and stuck me with […]

Review of the Orvis Zero G 906-4 Tip-Flex 10.5 (Part I)

There are several people in the world who were tired of my incessant research on a new streamer rod. I’d been searching for months, read reviews until my eyes were sore, and cast at least a half-dozen different models. Sure, I already had a decent rod for streamers (the Sage 690-3 SP), and my short […]

Rod Review: Orvis TLS Power Matrix 908-2 Tip-Flex 9.5

Orvis’s TLS line has been around quite a few years, and has certainly been the target of its fair share of reviews. But we fly fish in a world where four piece rods are the norm, and when I found this Orvis TLS Power Matrix 908-2 Tip-Flex 9.5 I figured it would be an oddity […]

Rod review: Mystic M-Series (Parts 2 and 3)

A couple of weeks back I showed you the Mystic M-Series 593-4 and 693-4 in all their detail obsessed glory. I’ve since consumed copious amounts of alcohol with Mystic’s owners (Chris and Dennis) at Fly Fishing Retailer, and have to say it’s a fine bunch of folks up there in Michigan. I’ve also been reminded […]

Rod review: G. Loomis EastFork FR1085-4 (Part 1)

Every once in a while a person gets stuck in a quandary. My jams usually rear their ugly heads when I’m fishing a lighter medium-action rod, the sun starts to set, and I’ve decided to tie on a couple of leaches and go for broke before my party starts complaining about the empty beer cooler […]