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Mr. Bonefish meets Spooner’s Pink Kitten

Mr. Bonefish saw Spooner’s Pink Kitten, then rushed it like he hadn’t eaten in a week. What Mr. Bonefish did not know was that the Pink Kitten was wrapped around a #4 Gamakatsu and secured to one of the angler’s hand-tied leaders, which in turn was attached to an Airflo Ridge Bonefish WF8-F. Mr. Bonefish […]

Bonefish. By the masses, for the masses.

Snatched from the clutches of Deneki Outdoors: “The bottom line is…I just love this game.” – Torrie Bevans, Andros South Lodge MG signing off (me too Torrie…me too)

Busting Bonefish Bull

Each time I’ve visited Deneki’s Andros South lodge, I’ve come back clear of a few more misconceptions about bonefishing. And in the interest of making sure everyone else understands how much bull floats around regarding rigs, casting, flies, and guides – in other words, how painstakingly difficult bonefishing is supposed to be – I’ve spewed […]

Bye bye bonefish

Deneki Outdoors FIBFest 2011 is officially over. Bye bye bonefish. Photo courtesy of Cameron Miller Special thanks go out to everyone that participated, a list of which you can find here. Additionally, grande muchas gracias to Rick Sisler, Trevor Covich, the camp staff, and of course our rockstar host, Mr. Bennett. Meanwhile, some end notes…

The bone in bonefish

It’s been said that bonefish get their name because they are very boney, and that’s supposedly the reason people don’t eat them. The reality is something quite different… Photo courtesy of Cameron Miller Bonefish have a clear exoskeleton covering their head. It’s Mother Nature’s way of protecting their eyes from wayward anglers (and allowing them […]

Paging Dr. Bonefish

When I was offered a trip to Andros South, the first thing I thought about was outrageous bonefishing. After that blissful concept settled in, I pondered a post-day Kalik, a tasty meal, and a comfy bed. Performing surgery on fish, in the name of science, never crossed my mind. Then I spent the day with […]

Have you seen my bonefish fly?

There’s something about Mary, and there’s something about this fly too. A few particulars make it ever so bonefish sexy, but it’s by no means an MG original. In fact I stole the idea right off the interwebs. A bit of floss was added to the tan fur (’cause it so shiny), and I tied […]

Bonefish and Tarpon Trust presents: Pirates of the Flats

Series coming January 2010 on ESPN2. Me thinks that’s too long to wait, so watch the trailer now: (h/t FlyFishMagazine)

Department of Marine Resources warns against illegal harvesting of bonefish

Via Bahama Islands Info: It has come to the attention of the Department of Marine Resources that persons on a number of islands of The Bahamas are netting (hauling) bonefish. The Department of Marine Resources wishes to remind the public that the netting (hauling) of bonefish is illegal in The Bahamas. The public is further […]

Ode to bonefish

It’s getting to be that time again…