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Veddy, veddy important for fly fishing: casting and knots

If you can’t cast a fly and/or can’t tie it to the line, you are going to have a hard time fly fishing. It’s that simple. Fortunately, learning how to do both of these veddy, veddy important angling tasks is just about as easy. A book I originally thought would help with lazy guide syndrome […]

On leaving the laptop behind

Obligations still exist. In many respects they’ve even grown. Run for just a moment. To make the best of an already choice situation. Find a fish for somebody else. Execute on a personal vendetta against poor spey casting skills. Pay attention to knots and seams and rustling in the bushes. Don’t lose too many flies. […]

Book Review: Keeper – A Life Amongst Fishes and Those Who Catch Them

To the outsider, fly-fishing must seem inordinately complex. There’s a rod and reel, fly selection, and line and leader for a seemingly infinite number of occasions. And don’t forget to add boxes, packs, waders, and footwear. We haven’t yet touched the vast array of knots, some tied on line as thin as a human hair, […]

Line review: Rio Trout LT

When I first heard about the Rio Trout LT, I immediately presumed Rio foresaw a trend towards lighter rods and slower actions. Whether that’s the global case or not, it has happened, to some degree, around these parts. Hence, begging and pleading for some test product came naturally. Then, even before arrival, I started asking […]

One part trolling motor and three parts wind equals twelve parts flyline

Fly-fishing is about ambiguity: when you start the day you’re never 100% sure what to throw, but almost 1% certain what nature will throw back. If you tear the place apart it’s guaranteed that you’ll stretch the truth far beyond your success, and if you don’t you’ll pull numerous excuses out of inventory. Reaching the […]

It’s all fun and games until someone loses their footing

Is there a difference between “obsession” and striving for the perfect day? Does wanting to be good, just for the sake of being good, automatically take the fun out of the game? And what is good after all? Maintaining purity of art form? Or being flexible in the face of difficult conditions, broadly switching tactics […]

Should aging fly line be sent to the glue factory even if it looks like it can still race?

If you’re a thoroughly obsessive fly fisher (yes, that’s an oxymoron, but bear with me) you’ve probably wondered what the useful life of your fly line is. You may find cracks and nicks in that line and rightly figure it for the trash heap. Other times you may just see that floating line sinking and […]

I’ll turn this Australian into a fly fisherman if it kills me

Fly fishing plunger Craig Berg came to America seeking the good life. And outside of a grand career and a happy, healthy family it’s been a unmitigated disaster. If you have to ask why, you obviously have never fly fished with my crew and I. First and foremost, I’m a drill sergeant. You lob a […]

Old Simms waders protect the family jewels

Last year around this time I found myself wading with a stub of a right leg, after something cut straight through my old Simms Guides near the knee. We were a hundred miles from home, but nothing was going to stop me from getting skunked that day. Then, a few days back I found the […]

This Weekend in Fly Fishing – Bamboo Battles and a Podcast for the Ages

Only if you’re not fishing. Drinking is optional. You think it’s time to buy bamboo? The oft-proclaimed bodhisattva of rough fishing has had it ‘up to here’ with rod prices. KBarton10 (a.k.a ‘K’) notes that despite cost differentials favoring the modern way, graphite rods are the ones whose prices have shot to Pluto. Me thinks […]