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On politicians and the internet, redux

It is pretty clear that politicians don’t get the net. They listen to whatever their big donors telcos tell them, but they squawk more like parakeets than African Grays. Senator Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) may have just proven he’s the most clueless of them all. “I just the other day got, an internet was sent by […]

Politicians can be irresponsible spinmeisters, as long as it’s for the kids

The news says “N.Y. Lawmaker Drops Google Porn Lawsuit”. The lawmaker spins it so the everyday citizen will believe he won some huge corporate battle (for the kids, of course), and that Google is begging for a meeting. Google, on the other hand, says the suit was baseless nonsense, ranking among the silliest they’ve ever […]

Is It OK for Politicians to Spam?

The question is easily Unfortunately, they do it anyway..over and over and over again. Even the non-profits with partisan leanings get into the act, although they sometimes pick the wrong kind of target, in the worst kind of way.

Politicians’ Brains Don’t Have The “Reason Switch” Turned On

A study was just completed that suggests that members of both major US political parties ignore the facts when making their arguments. Its all based on emotion versus rationalization, with the emotion engine powering up every time someone doesn’t agree completely with something a politico says or does. I’m not completely sure where the results […]

Politicians and consultants are different too

Entrepreneurs and consultants often differ in their goals and thinking. And, we all know that politicians differ from most every other homosapien in their desires and intelligence. So when I hear about a guy who lacked credentials for his job, completely screwed up a major project, and was subsequently dismissed, I often think he is […]

Find me the politician, and I will vote for him

Plato call the four political virtues wisdom, temperance, courage, and justice. I am hard pressed, off the top of my head, to think of a politician who holds them all dear, so I will break it down…

Politicians get encryption?

We have seen a lot of data falling into the wrong hands as of late, and one of the big issues as I see it is that much of the data is being carted around unencrypted. Now some politicians have gotten the same clue, and a new ID theft bill may try to set stricter […]

Politicians continue to prove their uselessness

As if there weren’t better issues to deal with, a State Senator from North Carolina has written a bill to ban solitaire from government computers. This joker says that if solitaire is banned, the state will save mucho bucks from lost productivity. The alternative premise is that if workers are unproductive, and you take away […]

Politicians Attack the Online, But Fear the Offline

CNN Money ran this story a few days back about how the State of Ohio want to chase down eBay sellers for a few extra bucks, by requiring they get auctioneers licenses: Ohio law would require auction license for eBay sellers – Mar. 7, 2005. Licensure (in most cases) is less a regulatory and consumer […]

Politicians: Spamming Enemy #1

Tony Blair is a spammer. Everyone else has already covered this story, so I won’t say much more. Politicians are worthy of very little of my CPU’s time. Here you go: News – Latest News – Prime Minister Accused of Sending Out Spam.