Michael Gracie


{note to self: for originality, insert something impressive here that isn’t stretching the truth}

Meanwhile, the unimportant but still factually correct stuff … previously:

  • Manager in Arthur Andersen’s Bankruptcy and Reorganization Group
  • COO of Tango Communications
  • Co-Founder and COO/CTO of Registry Services International
  • CFO of Rivenet/Rivenet Securities
  • Co-founder of TotJot
  • Co-founder of Privacy Technologies

I’ve done strategic, financial and technology consulting for countless businesses (on three continents), am a Certified Public Accountant, and held six securities/commodities licenses – Series 3, 7, 24, 27, 30 & 66 – with nary a regulatory ding. I am fantastic golf partner if you are looking for tour-quality laughs, and a perpetual novice at catching fish using fly-rods (despite what you’ve likely heard). I also play volunteer examiner for a local Laurel VEC team, which is setting new standards in amateur radio education and examination.


I solve business problems, occasionally using computers (as well as pens, pencils, paper, whiteboards, flipboards, chalkboards, and/or elbow grease + common sense). I’ve found old-fashioned phone and face-to-face communication extremely useful too; facechat, twitgram, instabook, snappedin … not so much.

The Site

Origin i.e. where posts came from:

  • Notes – Links of interest with limited commentary
  • Office – From the desk; possibly boring, often helpful
  • Outdoors – Mostly fly fishing and golf, occasionally keeping score
  • Spamroll – Almost everything from the now defunct internet security blog
  • Thoughtmarket – Almost everything from my old personal blog at

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