Working life began with a managerial role in a multi-national accounting firm’s bankruptcy and reorganization group. From there I held COO, CFO and CTO positions in [more than] a handful of venture-backed technology and financial services companies, several of which scored three to four digit IRRs for investors. I’ve also done strategic, financial and technology consulting for countless businesses (on three continents), simultaneously held six securities/commodities licenses – Series 3, 7, 24, 27, 30 & 66 – and passed the CPA exam while still in diapers.


I solve business problems, occasionally using computers (as well as pens, pencils, paper, whiteboards, flipboards, chalkboards, ten-keys and/or elbow grease + common sense). I’ve found old-fashioned phone and face-to-face communication extremely useful too; social media not so much. I am a fantastic golf partner if you are looking for tour-quality laughs, and a perpetual novice at catching fish sans bait.

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