Michael Gracie

Mobile posting to WordPress

This is supposed to be pretty simple, and I’ve even set up a category for such items – a nice little way to post notes/thoughts when away from the big screen. The account is set, as is the cron.

But when posting, the body of the mail always gets stripped out – only the subject line (converted to title) remains.

Thoughts on this are appreciated.

I’ll get all posts in here sooner or later

This website will eventually contain select contents of the previous and blogs (the moment I find someone who really knows how to import the stuff), as well as all future goings on.

Meanwhile, I’ve chosen a sparse design for which tweaking will be kept to a minimum. The reasoning – many sites have more in the way of graphics, widgets and what-have-you for most people’s tastes (and dialup connections), yet the virtual gadgets continue to proliferate at an alarming rate. My question is…does anyone feel the glitter DOESN’T distract them from the content at hand? Personally, I can’t read half a paragraph of most blog entries without being tempted to click on some link, picture, or flashing graphic – I almost never finish consuming the content. But I guess it’s all good, if you own one of the companies making the bling.

Inspiration for the approach comes from the ideas of Edward Tufte, styling examples from, and the timeless wonder The Elements of Style.

UPDATE: One caveat – I reserve the right to throw some photos up.

NOAA Tides and Currents

Following up on the streamflow list, here’s a list of clickable list of NOAA Tides and Currents by state (for you salty dogs):

– All Stations [Present] [Prediction]
– Alabama [Present] [Prediction]
– Alaska [Present] [Prediction]
– California [Present] [Prediction]
– Connecticut [Present] [Prediction]
– Delaware [Present] [Prediction]
– Florida [Present] [Prediction]
– Georgia [Present] [Prediction]
– Hawaii [Present] [Prediction]
– Louisiana [Present] [Prediction]
– Maine [Present] [Prediction]
– Maryland [Present] [Prediction]
– Massachusetts [Present] [Prediction]
– Mississippi [Present] [Prediction]
– New Hampshire [Present] [Prediction]
– New Jersey [Present] [Prediction]
– New York [Present] [Prediction]
– North Carolina [Present] [Prediction]
– Oregon [Present] [Prediction]
– Pennsylvania [Present] [Prediction]
– Rhode Island [Present] [Prediction]
– South Carolina [Present] [Prediction]
– Texas [Present] [Prediction]
– Virginia [Present] [Prediction]
– Washington [Present] [Prediction]
– Washington, DC [Present] [Prediction]
– Other Areas [Present] [Prediction]