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Still time to get a free jar of tasty organic peaches?

They didn't stand a chance

They didn’t stand a chance

A confession is in order…

See, one of Pulp Fly’s benefactors entrusted me with a fine jar of vanilla-infused peaches, carefully prepared, stored and aged by them. They said “give them away as a prize to one of your newsletter subscribers!” With the exclamation point too. I thought it a grand idea, and carried the peaches back to headquarters.

They sat on my desk for a few hours, then I secured them in a cupboard. Out of sight, out of mind.

The following day I decided to check on the jar, just to make sure the grand prize had not been stolen by some thief in the night. Relief washed over me, and I moved them to the counter, ostensibly so I could keep an eye on them intermittently as I passed by.

You know how the story ends, don’t you? Yes, within fifteen minutes the cache was opened, justification innocently enough to check on the quality of the contents. By dinnertime they were gone. I was so satiated I went to sleep and dreamed about catching chrome steelhead from the DSP and lassoing wayward unicorns with one-weight lines ashamed.

Thankfully, Abel Automatics was kind enough to bail me out. And offered up a new Abel Super Series 5N reel for one lucky winner of the Pulp Fly Fall Newsletter Signup Abel Super Series 5N Fly Reel Giveaway. Now that was a mouthful.

Abel Super Series 5N

I know it’s a consolation prize, but I figure it’s a darn good one. So signup for the newsletter, and get spammed to death? Definitely not, but a beautiful new Abel reel is a possibility! Exclamation point included.

MG signing off (because admitting you screwed up is the first step to getting someone else some cool free stuff)

How to get a fine Abel fly reel for absolute, positively, almost nothing

5nblack-262x300If you would like a beautiful Abel Super Series 5N fly reel

[please hold a second while I ponder all manner of written word to daze and confuse even though the topic is pretty straightforward]

read this and then sign up for the Pulp Fly Newsletter.

MG signing off (because you know he had more to say, but are extremely relieved he didn’t)

A year with click and pawl: the Abel Classic Series

gear bag“What do you mean they don’t have a disk drag? How are you going to stop the fish?!”

Abel Spey and Switch ReelsIn the good old days, fly anglers didn’t rely on technology; it was mano y mano, the sportman’s grit and determination against the quarry’s fight for life. Then fishing folks got breathable rain gear, bear-proof beer coolers, and heated leather seats, along with disc drags pilfered from the Porsche 911 GT3. Enhancing skill, through experience, gave way to buying competitive advantage. Still, the spey casting community waxes nostalgic every chance possible (even more so than the average fly-fisher, accelerating after a whiskey drink), and Abel Reels answered the call by taking off the training wheels.

The Abel Classic series are adjustable pawl click reels designated for the two-handed fly rod angler. Built with extreme durability and simplicity in mind, they are nearly impervious to damage from everyday river abuse, and are so short on parts that mechanical failure means first getting run over by a tank. Constructed of 6061-T651 cold finished aerospace-grade aluminum with stainless steel internals, they are a breeze to keep fit – push the stealthy release lever to pull off the spool and voila’…barely any parts. The entire reel consists of twenty-one pieces, less than a handful of which are removable, or even moveable. There just isn’t much that can go wrong.


To catch the fish, you must first attract the fish

The best part of planning a fishing trip is..

A) Knowing you are getting some time off work
B) Figuring out which bag to put your toothbrush in
C) Buying new gear

If you chose “C” you are obviously a seasoned traveling angler, having orchestrated numerous epic adventures, and likely caught trophy after trophy wherever the compass led you. Or, you could just be a renowned online fly-fishing journalist loudmouthed internet poseur/hack, like yours truly.

With a trip of my own just days away, I was found wanting. The Scott ARC 1196/4 I acquired a few months back via an exponentially complex barter transaction involving used office furniture, the United Nations Security Council, and the Smoking Man from The X-Files, was without a reel.

I thought about calling the G7 together for advice, but then I sobered up and rang Abel Reels instead. They did not disappoint.

Abel Switch Reel - Skull and Crossbones

A bonafide wolverine trapper recently “reminded” me that looks are all that matters. I presumed this meant they dressed up like a cute little bunny rabbit before heading to work, so I only partially bit. But, given that even a portion of that wisdom comes to pass, this rig’s appearance means the otherwise slim odds now distinctly favor running into chrome.

Or at least that’s my half-baked reasoning for taking option C.

MG signing off (because if you are going to freeze your butt off in BC, you might as well look good doing it)

The shopping is done

As of the 17th of December, which sets a new record for your’s truly. The earliest completion prior was December 24th, 8:45pm.

Still, par for the course, there was a personal purchase too…

Abel Classic

Those Abel folks make some fine fly reels.

MG signing off (to kick back until Christmas)

New toy immediately reveals it’s a very useful (and versatile) tool

– Cease to resist an opponent or an unwelcome demand; surrender.
Synonyms: surrender, give in, yield, submit, succumb

It has been described as evolution, but like most things preached in repetition the more I heard it the more aggressive I became with rejection efforts. At its core it is part of the genre of steelhead and salmon fishing, and at first (and second, and third) blush the idea of downsizing the product for alternative applications seemed like nothing more than marketing flight of fancy.

Finally, sick and tired of the bunk, I undertook the battle to shut the kook-aid drinkers up once and for all. The wallet was opened…

Two-handed tools

The Scott T3h 1106/4 with an Abel Switch reel

To handicap my effort, I used this preconceived blatant waste of my hard-earned dollars to indicator nymph a crowded, didymo-laden tailwater, the source of which had turned over and bled the flow St. Patrick’s Day green. The narrow passage, the thick brush, and the overhanging tree limbs would be my friends. Then, several unexpected things happened…

I chucked heavy rigs ridiculously long distances with next to zero effort. I changed direction mid-cast, with nary a single snag from behind. The rig never once tangled. Finally, I caught fish, albeit few, and yet walked back to the truck with a smile on my face usually reserved for trophy days.

Swinging fat streamers with sinking tips is a foregone conclusion, and while I don’t envision these spey/switch tactics being ultimately useful in pure sight-fishing situations, I do excogitate toting this rig for virtually every other.

Hence, I admit defeat. To those I fought, please accept my sincerest apologies.

MG signing off (because if you can’t beat ’em, just pick up a two-handed fly rod)

Fly fishing is the world’s biggest Ponzi scheme

Diehard fly-fishers already know this

First, you mortgage your life for a collection of very expensive gear. Before you’ve gotten any return on your investment, you get all your friends involved and they buy sloughs of pricey rods and reels. They soon find the sport is a lot more difficult than it looks, so to soothe their sore shoulders (not from casting – it’s the chip on said shoulder causing the pain) they lure yet more people to fly fishing. In turn more high-priced graphite and aluminum wonders exit the shop.

Along the way millions of leaders are broken, billions of indicators and egg weights come loose, and trillions of flies are snagged on overhanging tree branches and mangrove roots.  If you’re lucky, someone in your long line of friends wants to get involved and happens to have more money than you – they buy all the gear you can’t afford (and then you just borrow it).

To hell with all the rhetoric about getting back to nature, having time to reflect, converging with zen states of being – fly fishing is the most aggravating thing a human being can do. The only way anyone involved in the insanity ever gets a return on their investment is…uh…well…they won’t. Never will. A slight consolation is that if you take really, really good care of your gear you might be able to pass it on to your progeny.

We are all suckers.

Anyone reading this who actually fly fishes more than once a decade is now concurring wholeheartedly. And as irony would have it, some folks intimately related to Madoff Investments own part of Abel reels – Singlebarbed and Moldy Chum have more.

What I really take offense to is the notion of Madoff Investments being history’s biggest Ponzi scheme. It’s fly fishing, dammit, and I am in possession of shit loads of AMEX statements to prove it.

Now where’s my bailout?