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Traveling Sidekick

Yours truly likes traveling light. There’s method to the madness too: during college I dropped Thermodynamics 101 because I knew I couldn’t pass it, but in order to gain some credits that same semester I picked up Tax Accounting for Surreptitious Offshore Trusts Based in Tropical Locales. I wound up graduating with a degree in Aerospace Engineering passing the CPA exam in 15 minutes; followed that up with a masters in Bimini Ring Game Double Hauling While Hung Over, and the rest is history. I long to reconfigure baggage because I’m not certified to launch rockets.

Further, sometimes you gotta play it safe. Even if you build systems with brick shit-house parts, a client might claim something isn’t working because they live in Colorado hence they are stoned to bejesusthey are part of an email circulation list that includes Windows/Outlook users infected with nasty malware … the tuck pointing didn’t dry in time.

Enter stage left, the Acer Chromebook c670 …


I’ve intrepidly sought out a reason to charge down the Boot-Ubuntu-Linux-Via-USB path, but have been unsuccessful. The screen can’t touch a Retina display and there is no way to test your latest Python-based machine learning algorithm with it, but you can’t stuff three grand worth of Macbook Pro down the back of your pants while the gate agent for an overbooked international flight is meticulously counting your “personal items” either.

In other words … the little puppy, which will set the average US citizen back a whopping $200, is one superior, high-value, remote work tool.

MG signing off (because the Chromebook is stark white while my attitude is decidedly dark – ultra-sharp contrast is the result)

UPDATE: And prices are dropping.

Getting bugged by your Acer?

I’m not going to opine on the validity of this discovery, but I’ll throw in my two cents on the Slashdot commentary.

Some folks noted that when they receive their machines, they immediately reformatted the drives and reinstalled (or installed alternative) operating systems. When I was part of the Windows world (using Dells) I did the same, never quite trusting the factory install. And I always had a retail (or MSDN Universal Subscription) version handy to do it.

Do all Windows machines come with manufacturer images nowadays?