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How to manually install a Safari browser extension (like AdBlock Plus)

Safari extensions enable additional functionality within the browser. You can easily find loads of extensions simply by selecting Safari / Safari Extensions from the top menu of the application. But what if you hear about a new extension that isn’t yet available from the Apple distribution point?


For this go ’round, we’ll install the soon-to-be-crowned-king of Safari extensions, the recently released AdBlock Plus. Sure, ads feed content, and I have no problem with them whatsoever. I do, however, have a big problem with computing security, or any lack thereof. Call me paranoid (please), but AdBlock Plus has additional benefits beyond simply ridding pages of colorful banners. More on that later though.


Whiting Out the Ads, but at What Cost?

The New York Times conjures whitespace:

The larger importance of Adblock is its potential for extreme menace to the online-advertising business model. After an installation that takes but a minute or two, Adblock usually makes all commercial communication disappear. No flashing whack-a-mole banners. No Google ads based on the search terms you have entered.

That statement suggests to me that the Adblock Plus plug-in can block sponsored links on a Google search page. That I’d like to see. Has Noam Cohen tested this?

UPDATE: Nick Carr calls it the “nuclear plug-in.” Is that nuclear like Kim Jung Il’s fizzling ambitions?

UPDATE 2: Some are questioning the legality of this. I suspect that will go nowhere.