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California AG’s phishing PR play

The word out of the California AG’s Office is to be wary of phishing emails, as your identity may be stolen as a result.

So, what should the everyday citizens of California do about the stolen laptops full of their data, the banks losing the stuff off the backs of UPS trucks, or the data brokers who willingly give it to scammers?

Don’t ask me.

“Public records” turn into political spam nuisance

A Republican gubernatorial candidate in Florida needs a lesson from Merriam-Webster – the definition of hypocrisy will do. Charlie Crist, Florida’s Attorney General, has hard slapped more than one spammer in the much-touted spam capital of America, but he may now have to set his crosshairs on his own campaign staffers. They used a list garnered via a public records request to send campaign emails to folks who opted-in for messages direct from the Governor’s and AG’s offices. Of course, they scrubbed the list for state employees, but never ventured to think “Hey, I wonder if any of these folks are pissed off Democrats.” The list is likely now full of exactly that.

Crist’s political director, Arlene DiBenigno, said “It’s not spam, it’s political speech. We’re not selling anything, we’re not being deceptive. We love the First Amendment, and there’s nothing more powerful than political speech.” Ms. DiBenigno probably read CAN-SPAM, and figured it was all ok (hence the references to “selling anything” and “deceptive”). Now its REALLY “public record,” and going to backfire, but at least she’s not blaming the fiasco on someone else.