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Subliminal messaging: Viagra ads turn me off to golf

viagraI watch very little television – viewing is essentially limited to sports, in bars. But some friends have been out of town, and I’ve been doing some dog sitting. They have a big screen TV, and I’ve been passing dog time with it on.

A few days back I saw my, say sixth Viagra ad. And along with it I saw another little notice pop up on the screen which said…

See our ad in Golf Magazine

I’m not much for golf anymore – I spent the lion’s share of my leisure time fly fishing. Just as (if not more) difficult, and the gear is 10X more expensive [insert obvious stupidity of this choice here]. But I will pick up ‘the other sticks’ if a friend needs a fourth.

Call it an unwillingness to accept inevitable aging, or stating (with some measure of bravado) that I just can’t relate to the ‘need’ the ads were trying to convey. But I woke up this morning wondering if I’ll ever bother playing golf again.

Is this the message a sport with declining participation rates (closing in on fly fishing) should be wanting to project?